Kenzie is the real deal — by turns firm, patient, motivating and supportive, she guides her clients with workouts tailored to their personal objectives with a nod to a holistic, all-encompassing approach. Her in-depth knowledge of several sports - especially cycling — allows for a more precise insight into what works — and what doesn’t. Workouts are intense — but not too hard — and Kenzie pushes you to get just a little better each time. My teenage son and daughter have trained with her intermittently for several months, focusing on strength training and core work. The results are apparent, with increased strength and stamina, and happy teen athletes who appreciate seeing tangible results.
— A. Stierwalt

I’ve never been on a training plan that is so uniquely customized to me. Kenzie’s coaching has not only made me a stronger, faster cyclist, but she has improved my overall health too. She has tailored my training to work with my schedule, which lets me focus all my energy on getting the most out of my workout.

Her race day prep and mentoring has helped me be prepared every time I roll up to the start line and allowed me to be successful no matter what the course or Mother Nature throws my way.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine just how fast I would achieve the goals we set at the beginning of the season. Working with Kenzie Green has been a truly awesome opportunity.”
— M. Powers

I began working with Kenzie about halfway through my cylcocross season. Up until that point, I had trouble getting over the hump of consistent 5th and 6th places. After working with her for a short time, I began to break through and started making podiums.

She takes a holistic approach to her coaching including not only what you need to do from a training standpoint, but also what should be thought about from a mental and spiritual standpoint. By taking a 50,000 foot view, and evaluating the whole picture, Kenzie has unique insight as to what makes up performance.
— T. Whaley