Cincinnati based personal trainer and dietetics student with a passion for health and wellness.


Everyone has a story, and it’s always more than what meets the eye.

One of my favorite things is hearing people’s stories because it helps me understand them on a deeper level. To make it even, here’s a (somewhat) brief summary of my story.


A very unathletic kid who always had their face stuck in a book became an elite athlete by way of cycling. I started racing cyclocross at the age of 12, got hooked, and raced my first UCI elite cyclocross race when I was 16. Along the way I tried road racing, criteriums, mountain biking, and track, earning a collegiate scholarship for cycling and eventually left the sport at age 20 to pursue other avenues of my life.

Through high school and early college my focus was maximizing athletic performance which ignited a true passion. Struggles with asthma and health led me to take a food sensitivity test in 2015 and my life was changed. I learned just how much diet affected every aspect of my life: sleep, recovery, breathing, brain fog, acne, bloating, and even body odor.

This journey through college included bouts of anxiety, depression, and disordered eating, with ongoing treatments of food intolerances and gut health. Through years of work and learning about these illnesses and myself I began healing and now take active precautions to care for my overall health.


Transferring colleges to the University of Cincinnati allowed me to focus on my primary passion - nutrition. While planning for my dietetics major I happened upon a class that prepared you to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Since moving on from cycling I became interested in strength training - a totally new discipline with endless opportunities to learn. Feeding my never ending curiosity, I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and began working at NRG Fitness in northeastern Cincinnati.

When I completed my personal training certification, I had NO IDEA how deeply interested I would become in strength training. I continue to dive deep in research and do plenty of self-experimentation with programming to learn as much as I can.


With all of my training, I take an extremely personalized holistic approach. I learned through my past experiences and my mentors at NRG that there is more to your workout than what you do in the gym. Sleep, stress, nutrition, personal history, and more will determine a workout.

My goal is to work with people of all backgrounds to help them achieve goals: health, performance, and aesthetic. I have experience with endurance athletes, improving agility in young kids, gaining muscle and fat loss in adults, and improving the health and mobility of those in advanced age.



My mission is to teach my clients how to improve their life by taking care of their health. This includes activity, nutrition, mentality, sleep, stress, and more. Empowering people to understand themselves at a more intimate level creates long lasting changes, not a quick band aid that will eventually fall off and reveal a deeper wound.

In order to help people to the best of my ability, I am constantly learning and researching (with some self experimentation thrown in). This includes questioning conventional methods, checking sources, and never becoming complacent.



If you would like to learn more about services offered or are interested in working with me in a way not listed, please connect with me!

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